If you like romance novels, you have to have heard of the author Nora Roberts. She has dozens of romance novels under her name and this year is no exception. So far she has had two best sellers in 2016, begging readers to wonder if she will ever lose her touch. I have personally never read any of her books, but it looks like I’m going to have to start. Someone who can stay a best seller for so long has to have reasons why.

The best-selling novels by Nora Roberts this year are The Obsession, and The Liar. Other recent novels by her are Stars of Fortune and Morrigan’s Cross.  It looks like she is on a roll within the last year when it comes to her classic romance novels. She has recently been on the New York Times bestselling author list at #1 amidst all of these novels being released.

If Nora Roberts isn’t your style, you could go for a book by novelist Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Amanda Quick. She has been on the New York Times Best Author’s list at number 11 recently and her book ‘Til Death Do Us Part is currently attracting readers to her pseudonym. Some other books she has written include Illusion Town under the pseudonym Jayne Castle, which has also ended up on the New York Times Bestseller’s list.

Depending on what taste you have when it comes to romance novels, these two authors are guaranteed to produce page turners when it comes to their novels. Nora Roberts would be my first choice, only because you can’t beat someone who has had so many successful novels. But if that doesn’t fit my taste, I will definitely be checking out a book by Amanda Quick to satisfy my romance novel tastes!