1. Venice, Italy

Most of us have heard of the city of Venice, Italy. Usually visualizations of tranquil rivers running through a bustling city are what come to mind. The mental images we think of when it comes to Venice are also what makes it such a photogenic place. Pictures from Venice can give an out of this world magical sense when viewed. Some things that might not be known about this town is that it is one of several Islands in Northern Italy that are interconnected by bridges. It is a popular tourist destination with a population near 300,000.






  1. Maruata Bay, Mexico

Maruata Bay is a place located in Central Mexico off the Michoacan coast. It is an isolated beach that is nestled next to a small town. Because of its rural location and lack of many tourists, it is an excellent place to take photographs. The scenic views of the rock formations that extend from the sea along with the crashing waves make for an amazing sight and would be a dream for any photographer. There is also an abundance of wildlife such as sea turtles and native birds that can be seen when visiting. There are even accounts of being able to see nesting sea turtles in the evening making their way to the beaches.




  1. Stonehenge, England

Most people are familiar with this destination. Stonehenge is located near Salisbury England and is an amazing sight no matter what time of year or day it is visited. The formation of the stones in the circle that has been standing for at least the last 5,000 years is photogenic from any angle, but can be a great sight at sunset or during ritualistic gatherings that occur there throughout the year. Stonehenge is protected and managed by the Crown and is considered a prehistoric monument. Any amateur or experienced photographer would be lucky to add this to their collection.






  1. The Taj Mahal, India

Yet another name so famous most people have heard of it before, but it’s another thing to see it in person. The majestic buildings that make up this historic landmark are an ethereal sight when compared with some of the other buildings in the same vicinity. The building was delegated in 1632 as a tomb for the Mughal emperor’s favorite wife. It still stands resolute today, with almost perfect architecture and little damage after the hundreds of years it has stood in the same place. It’s crystalline white mausoleum is still a site of perfection in architecture after all these years.




  1. Mount Hood, Oregon

Oregon itself is a beautiful state in the United States with gorgeous terrain. Some people may not know that much of its landscape includes volcanoes, both dormant and inactive. Mount Hood is one of these volcanoes, but it is also an amazing natural site for the aspiring photographer. Mount Hood has been dormant for hundreds of years, allowing the landscape to grow into an unnaturally beautiful area abundant with wildlife. At the top of the mountain is Crater lake, located in, you guessed it, the crater of the volcano itself. It is one of the deepest lakes in the U.S. and also a very serene sight to those who venture up to that area.




  1. Curacao

Curacao is its own country located on a small island in the Caribbean Sea near South America. It has been called the city of colors because the former Governor had a hard time looking at all of the pale colors on the buildings in the almost year round bright sunlight. Because of this a great majority of the buildings are painted different colors to make it easier on the eyes. Aside from the colorful nature of the country, it enjoys an almost eventless weather pattern every day of the year and rarely sees anything more than a small rain shower. It also has canals that are located throughout where you can row a boat right up to get some fresh fruit at a vendor’s stand. There are many places here that would attract any photographer.






  1. Sedona, Arizona

The hidden gem of Sedona is located in Arizona in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. Many people vacation there because of its sheer beauty and its diamond in the rough appearance. Located nearer the northern part of Arizona just outside of flagstaff, it is characterized by lush plant life and large red rock formations that give it a regal appearance. There are also several water formations that make it that much more surreal for being located in the desert.





  1. Easter Island

Easter Island, that mysterious place with all the statues and heads sticking out of the ground. What photographer wouldn’t give anything to go and take some “head shots” there. Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, almost isolated from the rest of the world, this marvel has been a mystery to historians and scientists alike since it’s discovery. It has 887 statues located on the island whose origins are still unknown. Many people have their ideas on how they got there and why they are positioned in their current places, but it will continue to be a mystery, at least for now.



  1. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Perhaps the most famous wonder of the world and also the biggest mystery are the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. A huge tourist attraction, they have stood for hundreds of years and scientists are still making discoveries within them. On top of the continuous discoveries, historians still have no idea how they came to be. Regardless of how they ended up where they are, they are still an amazing sight to see and anyone would be lucky to be able to say they were there to see them in person.




  1. Yellowstone Geysers, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Perhaps one of the best places a photographer might want to visit would be Yellowstone National Park. Not only are there animals, scenic views, and landscapes to photographs, but the geysers and hot springs can be an awesome sight for the local photographer. Located in the upper Northwest area of Wyoming, there are eight major geysers the visitors can see if they desire. Photographing one of these when they are going off is an incredible sight. Along with the geysers are sites of hot springs, which have some magnificent colors that naturally draw the eye to them.