Upgrading always helps with the appearance and feel your home when you are looking for a change without having to move to a different house or live in an outdated one. One of the best investments when thinking about updating parts of your home is improving your kitchen. Not only is it one of the rooms most people spend the majority of their time in, it can also greatly increase the value of the home should you want to sell it later on.

A few things to think about when upgrading your kitchen are your budget, the cost that it will take, and the added value that will result from the project on your home. Upgrading the kitchen in your home is sure to give you an added value somewhere between 60 and 120% of the money you spent to do it.

Upgrading The Lighting

One of the first things you should think about upgrading in your kitchen is the lighting. When cooking, you want a lot of light so you can see what you are doing, and it adds appeal to the value of the kitchen when there is ample lighting to use in the area. Some ideas for what to upgrade include adding lights under kitchen cabinets, adding some pendant lights for elegance, in cabinet lighting for deep dark cabinets, and spreading out more lights throughout the entire kitchen rather than just one single large light.


Refinish The Cabinets


Another simple upgrade worth your time is to refinish the cabinets. Sure, you could rip them out and replace them, but it is much easier to refinish them and a cheaper way to give your kitchen a new look. From painting them, to adding new hardware to the outside, or simply refinishing the wood with a nice new shade, it’s an easy project that doesn’t take much time and can take years off of the look of your kitchen. Couple that with painting the walls a more modern color and you almost have yourself a brand new kitchen!


Appliance Upgrades

Perhaps the most obvious and desirable upgrade to any kitchen would be the appliances. Although they last many years, older appliances can give you kitchen a dated, drab look. By replacing them with something like stainless steel you can add exponential value to the kitchen and enjoy all the modern amenities these days that come with the “smart” appliances.

If you can’t afford top of the line, even just a modest upgrade can be enough to brighten the mood in the kitchen and make cooking and cleaning much more enjoyable. Upgrading the appliances is probably going to be the most costly part of a kitchen gut, but it will also add the most value to your project.

The last thing to think about when upgrading appliances is the energy efficiency. Because it’s one of the rooms where the most time is spent, it is also one of the rooms where the most energy costs add up. If you choose to get new energy efficient appliances it can greatly cut your yearly energy costs down while still spicing up the place.


Adding value to your home can be a tricky thing to do, but if you choose to tackle projects in the right areas you can greatly increase your home’s value and your enjoyment of the living space. The kitchen is the best place to start with home upgrades because it draws the eye, is a popular spot to spend time in the home, and appeals to new buyers if you are thinking about selling. Following some of the tips above can help you start to reinvent your home in an affordable and easy way!