In this day and age people are trying to find work in any way possible. One of the most popular ways to find work right now is by telecommuting, or working from home. With the internet in the stage it is today, this is a popular option among millennials and other generations trying to find flexibility and still make a living. Telecommuting can offer alternative hours, wages, and all around new job focuses for people who, for one reason or another, can’t work in the traditional setting.

There are several ways to work from home now, compared to several years ago. Many upscale, reputable companies are offering this option to people to give a more flexible work environment while still being able to hire reliable people. Amazon is hiring at home customer service workers to help with problems or help with their customers placing orders. There are even multiple websites where you can fill out a profile to work from home.

Some of the more popular websites include;;; and Flex Jobs and Virtual Vocations are job search engines that allow you to use different filters to search for jobs. One of the filters has a telecommute option, and these will show you only jobs where you can work from home. Both of these websites have been endorsed by names such as Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and NBC news. The jobs posted on the websites are legitimately checked by the website and verified to be real, at home positions with no false parameters or fraudulent claims.  Up Work is a similar website, but is more geared towards freelance work from at home than towards continuous job offers. On all of these websites, you can upload your resume and create a profile for potential employers to search for and look at, while also searching for jobs yourself.

If you are really serious about finding a work from home job, there are a few other little known ways you can do it also. There are many jobs at home where people are looking for employees to transcribe things. If you are unfamiliar with transcription, it is where you listen to audio tape and type what you hear into a document for a company or person to keep for their records. You can make a great deal of money doing this if you are a fast typist. A quick search for transcription jobs will get you legitimate websites you can work for at home to do this in your own time.

Another way to work at home is to be a tutor. Websites like let you make a profile and bid for jobs to tutor people who may be having difficulty on a problem or subject for school, and you can choose whether or not you feel like you are qualified to help them. In any case, there are a lot of resources today for someone who wants to work from home, and a little research can go a long way.