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Ratings Drastically Dip in 3rd Quarter of L1 Super Bowl



If you joined most America on February 6, 2017 to watch the Super Bowl live on television you probably saw the first half of the game and assumed the Atlanta Falcons were taking home the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy. Over 111 million people tuned in on Sunday to watch the Falcons fight against the New England Patriots. That number changed, however, after the first half of the game was completed.

The score in the first quarter was unimpressive with both teams finishing 0-0. The Patriots were unimpressive for the first part of the game, falling far behind during the second quarter. With the quarter ending with Atlanta leading the score of 21-3, viewers assumed they had the game in the bag. Many of the viewers called it at this point and changed the channel.

The lower ratings didn’t last long though, as the Patriots made an unbelievable comeback late in the game, breaking multiple records in the process. Fans most definitely wanted to witness the historical plays, as the Patriots had less than a 1% chance of winning with them trailing so far behind.

The third quarter wasn’t much better for the Patriots, but they managed to keep the Falcon’s from progressing. The exciting excitement was mostly in the fourth quarter with the Patriots coming back from an 18-point deficit just in time to put the game into overtime. By that time, the ratings of people watching spiked back up with fans on the edge of their seats wanting to see the finale of the game.

In the end, the New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons with a score of 34 -28, completing an epic game that started fizzling. The Patriots broke some records in the process, among them was Tom Brady winning his fifth Super Bowl, and pushing the game into overtime for the first time in Super Bowl history.

Weight Watchers Vs. Nutrisystem


With all the diets and fads that exist in society today it’s hard to really know which is the best one. Which one is healthier, which one will make me lost more weight, which will give me faster results, etc., are some questions you might ask when thinking about trying out a diet plan. Two of the most popular plans you’ve probably heard of are Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem. They conquer commercials on television, and both claim to be the best. But which one really is the best one? What should you spend your money on when trying out one of these diets?

Let’s do some comparison on the two diets to better see where they’re the same and where they’re different.

Weight Watchers:

  • It costs about $30 to sign up for Weight Watchers initially, and then another $19 a month after that to use the online tools, but you’ll be paying $45 a month go to the meetings.
  • Weight Watchers don’t provide any food for you, though you can find some foods in the market that follow the points system, but they do offer a recipe only system for you to use so you can use their products to aid your weight loss.
  • Weight watchers is a diet system that basically follows keeping track of what you eat with a points system, and gives you an app and some technology to do it. It’s not much different than logging your food on your own.
  • This diet allows you to ‘eat what you want’ within moderations. But it requires more planning and more work than nutrisystem, because you must take time to figure out how many points you are eating and keep track of them in some way.
  • Weight watchers offers a unique meeting you can attend as often as you want where you go and meet other weight watcher people and try to hold each other accountable throughout the dieting process, this is one of the reasons they are successful.
  • Don’t forget, if you choose Weight Watchers, exercise is an essential part of the program.

So let’s learn about weight watchers and what it’s enatils. When it comes to ease of use, Weight Watchers may not be the way to go. You can usually find food at the supermarket in the frozen aisle that will go by the points system Weight Watchers go by, but they aren’t going to taste fantastic compared to the alternative option of buying the Weight Watchers cookbooks and making your own meals within the guidelines. If you opt for the cookbook, the taste of the food will likely be enticing and easy to eat, and you will still be able to stay within your points. Doing this will also mean the food quality is ideal and you don’t have to sacrifice taste for points.  Their weight watchers counter online is easy to use for you to plug in the numbers and keep track of you points, no matter which option you choose.

If you do choose to purchase and use the cookbook, it is obviously going to be considerable harder than if you buy the frozen meals at the super market. However, fresh recipes are usually better for you and they will taste better than the frozen food too.

The cost is a little daunting when it comes to weight watchers. First you have to fork over a cost to start the program, and then pay a monthly fee to keep it going, and they have different plans that have different prices as well. As mentioned before it costs about $30 to sign up for the program, and then there are monthly programs that range from online only for $19.95 a month, the meetings plus the online program $44.95 a month, or the personal coaching option plus the online program for $54.95 a month. Adding these up you can see that it might get expensive to join Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers can be done by anyone who wishes to lose weight. They recommend exercising while participating, but the intensity of the exercise can be tailored to your fitness level. That means it can work for larger or smaller individuals. With the lifestyle changes that Weight Watchers tries to instill in its members, you can expect to see changes more over the long term than right away. Most testimonials have members losing and average of two pounds a week, or eight pounds a month.




  • Nutrisystem is going to cost you about $270 a month to get started and get the benefits. That may seem like a lot, but the food is all provided for you so you won’t have to go shopping or cook while you’re on this diet. It can be even cheaper if you find a coupon that’s out there.
  • Nutrisystem supplies pre-packed, sealed, portion controlled food to the member with everything from snacks, to meals, and even deserts. Everything is also shelf stable, so it doesn’t have to be refrigerated, but it will probably taste better if you do.
  • On Nutrisystem you can supplement your meals with dairy or fresh fruits and vegetables and they even have an option for diabetics that has been extremely successful.
  • You don’t need to count your food in points or measure it when you’re on nutrisystem. There is also no fee to join or ongoing membership fees.
  • Nutrisystem doesn’t have weekly meetings, but does offer community support via a chat service through their website.
  • Of course, as with any diet system, nutrisystem users are encouraged to exercise during the program.


Nutrisystem is made for the consumer who would rather not follow difficult recipes, count points, of be confined to the frozen aisle in the grocery store. You get prepackaged food with Nutriystem, but it comes right to you and is much cheaper than if you were to by frozen meals in the store. You eat nothing but their packaged foods, snacks, and deserts, and they even guarantee you’ll lost 5 pounds in 5 days or you get your money back. Per reviews, the foods are like microwaveable meals and taste decent. They are shelf stable, so they generally taste like a frozen TV dinner. The breakfast items are noted to be very good, as well as the desserts that are included. The consensus is the food is not bad, but there is a learning curve when figuring out how to cook it just right.

The ease of this program is much better than Weight Watchers. The food is chosen for you based on a survey when you join, you then pick out meals and snacks based on their products and they are sent right to you. No going to the grocery store, no recipes to cooks, they taste good, and you can microwave most of the products.

Nutrisystem has a better cost when you break it down. A 28 day plan that includes ten days of frozen meals and 18 days of pantry food costs between $300 and $340. It may be more expensive at first glance, but when you subtract that from you grocery bill it ends up being cheaper. You basically spend around $10.00 a day with this plan on the food you eat, but remember that’s without cooking anything or eating anything else from the store.

Nutrisystem is also able to be used by anyone who wants to lose weight. They have several different plans to choose from that make it versatile for what you want out of the program. The results are centered around nutrition and lifestyle change. So, if you incorporate exercise into your routine and follow the Nutrisystem diet you will get the results you’re looking for. Also, because Nutrisystem is designed for healthy weight loss and not quick weight loss, you can expect to lose an average of one to two pounds a week per reviews, so about the same as Weight Watchers, but in a much more convenient way.

The Bottom Line

            After reading these facts, and doing some reasoning, it’s clear the Nutrisystem is better than Weight Watchers when you are wanting to lose weight. Nutrisystem is easier, with their meals delivered right to your door, and there is little effort in preparing them. You don’t have to attend weekly meetings, and you don’t have to learn any new recipes that might be difficult to make. I’m sure Weight Watchers has its place with some people, but to me, a meal plan I don’t have to overly think or add special routines to my day for wins the prize. Not to mention, a lot of people report even more weight loss on Nutrisystem than on Weight Watchers.

What Exactly is European Style Furniture



Decorating your house is always an exciting and fun project, especially when you get to replace all the furniture. There are many styles to choose from with furniture, and when you’re giving your home a makeover it’s hard to choose which style to go with. One style people like for interior design is European style furniture. Furniture can be something we take for granted, but makes a statement and the different pieces have a story.

European furniture was designed to be the classical Greek and Roman styles back in the nineteenth century. It was also traditionally designed with a kind of rustic feel to it and in styles that were suited for royalty. The furniture from Italy was always styled heavily from its heritage of the Renaissance and influenced other furniture designs around the world. Germany is still one of the largest furniture manufacturers worldwide and it’s because of their contemporary designs, notably the 20th century. Before the 20th century furniture was more of ornaments for the home rather than to serve a function. Recently it has shifted more to functionality.

The modernist movement focused on technical innovation and originality while letting go of the past. New methods of manufacturing were learned and new materials were used to make furniture. Scandinavia had a huge influence on the design of furniture and its style in the 1930s. Focusing more on clean, simple, and lightweight designs was the new trends.  Today European furniture is mostly modern and contemporary, with a sleek, clean, usable style. Some European furniture has been made popular by IKEA.

The European trend these days is mainly based on the contemporary style of furniture, but you can still find some elaborate, gaudy, hand carved furniture if that’s your taste. There are a variety of vendors that sell European furniture, one company, danetti has a great selection on their website of various pieces that would look great in anyone’s home. The look of the furniture is that of a slightly casual, comfortable feel. The classical elements that define European furniture are still there, just less embellished. But you can still find modernized furniture with antique finishes, perfect wood grain, and timeless fabric on some European pieces.

Most European furniture is imported, but there are a select few who do the importing themselves so the hard part is done and you can buy in US. The furniture that is imported is personally selected to be sent over here. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find high quality products at reasonable prices. The more experience the seller has, the better deals they’re able to get when choosing pieces to import, giving you the better deal when you purchase it. Sellers can sometimes stay ahead of exchange rates, which gives them more product for their money. Also, because it’s shipped directly, the price will be lower so the customer gets a better value.

If you are looking for a new style to spice up your home, European furniture can give it that appearance. The modern classic pieces, the contemporary style, and the sleek and clean look of the furniture can bring someone’s home into the 21st century. High quality craftsmanship brings uniqueness with the furniture, and means it won’t wear easily.

Different Ways to Work From Home


            In this day and age people are trying to find work in any way possible. One of the most popular ways to find work right now is by telecommuting, or working from home. With the internet in the stage it is today, this is a popular option among millennials and other generations trying to find flexibility and still make a living. Telecommuting can offer alternative hours, wages, and all around new job focuses for people who, for one reason or another, can’t work in the traditional setting.

There are several ways to work from home now, compared to several years ago. Many upscale, reputable companies are offering this option to people to give a more flexible work environment while still being able to hire reliable people. Amazon is hiring at home customer service workers to help with problems or help with their customers placing orders. There are even multiple websites where you can fill out a profile to work from home.

Some of the more popular websites include;;; and Flex Jobs and Virtual Vocations are job search engines that allow you to use different filters to search for jobs. One of the filters has a telecommute option, and these will show you only jobs where you can work from home. Both of these websites have been endorsed by names such as Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and NBC news. The jobs posted on the websites are legitimately checked by the website and verified to be real, at home positions with no false parameters or fraudulent claims.  Up Work is a similar website, but is more geared towards freelance work from at home than towards continuous job offers. On all of these websites, you can upload your resume and create a profile for potential employers to search for and look at, while also searching for jobs yourself.

If you are really serious about finding a work from home job, there are a few other little known ways you can do it also. There are many jobs at home where people are looking for employees to transcribe things. If you are unfamiliar with transcription, it is where you listen to audio tape and type what you hear into a document for a company or person to keep for their records. You can make a great deal of money doing this if you are a fast typist. A quick search for transcription jobs will get you legitimate websites you can work for at home to do this in your own time.

Another way to work at home is to be a tutor. Websites like let you make a profile and bid for jobs to tutor people who may be having difficulty on a problem or subject for school, and you can choose whether or not you feel like you are qualified to help them. In any case, there are a lot of resources today for someone who wants to work from home, and a little research can go a long way.

Kitchen Upgrades

Upgrading always helps with the appearance and feel your home when you are looking for a change without having to move to a different house or live in an outdated one. One of the best investments when thinking about updating parts of your home is improving your kitchen. Not only is it one of the rooms most people spend the majority of their time in, it can also greatly increase the value of the home should you want to sell it later on.

A few things to think about when upgrading your kitchen are your budget, the cost that it will take, and the added value that will result from the project on your home. Upgrading the kitchen in your home is sure to give you an added value somewhere between 60 and 120% of the money you spent to do it.

Upgrading The Lighting

One of the first things you should think about upgrading in your kitchen is the lighting. When cooking, you want a lot of light so you can see what you are doing, and it adds appeal to the value of the kitchen when there is ample lighting to use in the area. Some ideas for what to upgrade include adding lights under kitchen cabinets, adding some pendant lights for elegance, in cabinet lighting for deep dark cabinets, and spreading out more lights throughout the entire kitchen rather than just one single large light.


Refinish The Cabinets


Another simple upgrade worth your time is to refinish the cabinets. Sure, you could rip them out and replace them, but it is much easier to refinish them and a cheaper way to give your kitchen a new look. From painting them, to adding new hardware to the outside, or simply refinishing the wood with a nice new shade, it’s an easy project that doesn’t take much time and can take years off of the look of your kitchen. Couple that with painting the walls a more modern color and you almost have yourself a brand new kitchen!


Appliance Upgrades

Perhaps the most obvious and desirable upgrade to any kitchen would be the appliances. Although they last many years, older appliances can give you kitchen a dated, drab look. By replacing them with something like stainless steel you can add exponential value to the kitchen and enjoy all the modern amenities these days that come with the “smart” appliances.

If you can’t afford top of the line, even just a modest upgrade can be enough to brighten the mood in the kitchen and make cooking and cleaning much more enjoyable. Upgrading the appliances is probably going to be the most costly part of a kitchen gut, but it will also add the most value to your project.

The last thing to think about when upgrading appliances is the energy efficiency. Because it’s one of the rooms where the most time is spent, it is also one of the rooms where the most energy costs add up. If you choose to get new energy efficient appliances it can greatly cut your yearly energy costs down while still spicing up the place.


Adding value to your home can be a tricky thing to do, but if you choose to tackle projects in the right areas you can greatly increase your home’s value and your enjoyment of the living space. The kitchen is the best place to start with home upgrades because it draws the eye, is a popular spot to spend time in the home, and appeals to new buyers if you are thinking about selling. Following some of the tips above can help you start to reinvent your home in an affordable and easy way!

Top ten places in the world to photograph



  1. Venice, Italy

Most of us have heard of the city of Venice, Italy. Usually visualizations of tranquil rivers running through a bustling city are what come to mind. The mental images we think of when it comes to Venice are also what makes it such a photogenic place. Pictures from Venice can give an out of this world magical sense when viewed. Some things that might not be known about this town is that it is one of several Islands in Northern Italy that are interconnected by bridges. It is a popular tourist destination with a population near 300,000.





  1. Maruata Bay, Mexico

Maruata Bay is a place located in Central Mexico off the Michoacan coast. It is an isolated beach that is nestled next to a small town. Because of its rural location and lack of many tourists, it is an excellent place to take photographs. The scenic views of the rock formations that extend from the sea along with the crashing waves make for an amazing sight and would be a dream for any photographer. There is also an abundance of wildlife such as sea turtles and native birds that can be seen when visiting. There are even accounts of being able to see nesting sea turtles in the evening making their way to the beaches.




  1. Stonehenge, England

Most people are familiar with this destination. Stonehenge is located near Salisbury England and is an amazing sight no matter what time of year or day it is visited. The formation of the stones in the circle that has been standing for at least the last 5,000 years is photogenic from any angle, but can be a great sight at sunset or during ritualistic gatherings that occur there throughout the year. Stonehenge is protected and managed by the Crown and is considered a prehistoric monument. Any amateur or experienced photographer would be lucky to add this to their collection.





  1. The Taj Mahal, India

Yet another name so famous most people have heard of it before, but it’s another thing to see it in person. The majestic buildings that make up this historic landmark are an ethereal sight when compared with some of the other buildings in the same vicinity. The building was delegated in 1632 as a tomb for the Mughal emperor’s favorite wife. It still stands resolute today, with almost perfect architecture and little damage after the hundreds of years it has stood in the same place. It’s crystalline white mausoleum is still a site of perfection in architecture after all these years.




  1. Mount Hood, Oregon

Oregon itself is a beautiful state in the United States with gorgeous terrain. Some people may not know that much of its landscape includes volcanoes, both dormant and inactive. Mount Hood is one of these volcanoes, but it is also an amazing natural site for the aspiring photographer. Mount Hood has been dormant for hundreds of years, allowing the landscape to grow into an unnaturally beautiful area abundant with wildlife. At the top of the mountain is Crater lake, located in, you guessed it, the crater of the volcano itself. It is one of the deepest lakes in the U.S. and also a very serene sight to those who venture up to that area.



  1. Curacao

Curacao is its own country located on a small island in the Caribbean Sea near South America. It has been called the city of colors because the former Governor had a hard time looking at all of the pale colors on the buildings in the almost year round bright sunlight. Because of this a great majority of the buildings are painted different colors to make it easier on the eyes. Aside from the colorful nature of the country, it enjoys an almost eventless weather pattern every day of the year and rarely sees anything more than a small rain shower. It also has canals that are located throughout where you can row a boat right up to get some fresh fruit at a vendor’s stand. There are many places here that would attract any photographer.






  1. Sedona, Arizona

The hidden gem of Sedona is located in Arizona in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. Many people vacation there because of its sheer beauty and its diamond in the rough appearance. Located nearer the northern part of Arizona just outside of flagstaff, it is characterized by lush plant life and large red rock formations that give it a regal appearance. There are also several water formations that make it that much more surreal for being located in the desert.




  1. Easter Island

Easter Island, that mysterious place with all the statues and heads sticking out of the ground. What photographer wouldn’t give anything to go and take some “head shots” there. Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, almost isolated from the rest of the world, this marvel has been a mystery to historians and scientists alike since it’s discovery. It has 887 statues located on the island whose origins are still unknown. Many people have their ideas on how they got there and why they are positioned in their current places, but it will continue to be a mystery, at least for now.


  1. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Perhaps the most famous wonder of the world and also the biggest mystery are the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. A huge tourist attraction, they have stood for hundreds of years and scientists are still making discoveries within them. On top of the continuous discoveries, historians still have no idea how they came to be. Regardless of how they ended up where they are, they are still an amazing sight to see and anyone would be lucky to be able to say they were there to see them in person.



  1. Yellowstone Geysers, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Perhaps one of the best places a photographer might want to visit would be Yellowstone National Park. Not only are there animals, scenic views, and landscapes to photographs, but the geysers and hot springs can be an awesome sight for the local photographer. Located in the upper Northwest area of Wyoming, there are eight major geysers the visitors can see if they desire. Photographing one of these when they are going off is an incredible sight. Along with the geysers are sites of hot springs, which have some magnificent colors that naturally draw the eye to them.



Café Racer Motorcycle Facts

You might be looking at the phrase “café racer motorcycle” and wondering “what does a café have to do with a motorcycle?” The short answer is that a café racer motorcycle is a motorcycle that has been modified for speed and handling so it can be good in a race. They are very lightweight and have lightweight engines to go along with them so they can maneuver well.
These motorcycles became popular in the 1960’s, mainly in Europe, where they were used to ride or race between one café and another-and by café I don’t mean a coffee house. The term was used as an insult back at that time to refer to someone who was not a real man because he wasn’t a real racer. Because many people could not afford a “real” motorcycle at the time, they started modifying the café racers. At first the changes were just aesthetic, but as more and more people became interested in this hobby, the need for more parts to discern them from the traditional motorcycle arose.
The changes made to these early motorcycles are much of what we associate a motorcycle with today. The traditional look that we have become accustomed to is actually based on the modifications made to make motorcycles look more like racing machines. Hump seats and fiberglass tanks, along with smaller handlebars to give them a streamlined fast look are among the changes that became popular among riders. Because of all of the changes made to these motorcycles to make them more aerodynamic and maneuverable, it’s important to mention that they were not very comfortable to ride. This is perhaps another reason why they were called café racers, as they were mostly seen just parked outside of cafés rather than actually racing.
Today café racers are a little different. The meaning has definitely changed. It is no longer a derogatory term associated with someone who is not as much of a man as the next motorcycle rider. The bikes have changed too. Rather than being about going fast and focusing on racing, the café racer today is mostly about the look and style of the bike. It also has the features of today’s technology of course, with all the horsepower and racing power that it can handle while still looking like the traditional café racer. They are still relatively uncomfortable to ride, and they are most commonly used for short distances. You wouldn’t see a motorcycle gang riding around their turf on café racers.
Café racers today would be a good bike to make quick trips to places, or like the name still suggests, race between to places. They are a stripped down version of a Harley type bike and the low handlebars along with the raised seat make them highly discomforting for anything longer than a quick race. They are meant to be ridden with your body as close to the bike as possible so you can go as fast as possible in a short spurt.
The café racer has evolved somewhat since it’s appearance in the 1960s, but it is mainly still just a bike that is for show and not a good motorcycle for someone looking to ride the majority of the time. It is still an uncomfortable stripped down bike that would be nice for someone who was looking more for a hobby. At least today the café racer isn’t an insult any more, but more of a status symbol.

Catering Tips

Catering Tips

Whether you’re learning how to cater or a catering veteran, it’s always nice to learn some new tips and tricks that might help you out during working hours. How do you know how much food to make? How many people do you bring to assist you? These are some of the tips that would help the new caterer starting out or the caterer that’s been around for years.

Probably the biggest question a caterer has to answer is how much food they need to make. Knowing what type of event for the catering and how many people will be attending is a must when planning. It can also be helpful to know how long the event will last if you want to make extra food that will keep guests full the entire time. Depending on the time of day the event takes place also tells you how many courses you will need to plan for, as well as if you should include appetizers. Overall it’s up to the caterer, but knowing your courses, how many to have, and what meal you are planning can be the make or break part of the catering event.

One nice tip for catering is to keep the main part of the event as short as possible. This will allow you to make your presence known, get people fed, and get out of there before you run out of food. You will also need to make less food as people won’t be expecting to eat for a long period of time.  Also, trying to have a friend help you serve or eliminating servers all together (i.e. a self-serve bar) will be helpful in the long run as well.

Controlling the portions of food the guests get will also be helpful for the extent of the catering. If you have tiny appetizers and give each person one, or have someone serve the food and then take it away, it can be a time and cost saving measure on your end. Also, if there is a bar, sticking to a few different drinks can help cut costs as well as time for guests to choose what they want. If it’s just wine and beer and maybe a few special cocktails, people will be happy and it will be less of a headache for you.

Another cost saving measure is to try and come up with recipes that use cheaper cuts of meat or other ingredients than say an expensive prime rib dish. Using something like salmon, or a cheaper cut of beef to control your spending while making a creative dish can still be appealing to your guests and a huge cost saving measure for your business.

When choosing what to serve cut out things that you think you can do without also. Things like a bar may not be needed, so make sure to ask if that needs to be included. Dessert can be limited to something small if you make another portion of the meal fairly large. All you have to do is some juggling to get the right menu down while still keeping your costs low and you can make a nice profit from your service.

Best-selling romance author’s 2016


     If you like romance novels, you have to have heard of the author Nora Roberts. She has dozens of romance novels under her name and this year is no exception. So far she has had two best sellers in 2016, begging readers to wonder if she will ever lose her touch. I have personally never read any of her books, but it looks like I’m going to have to start. Someone who can stay a best seller for so long has to have reasons why.

The best-selling novels by Nora Roberts this year are The Obsession, and The Liar. Other recent novels by her are Stars of Fortune and Morrigan’s Cross.  It looks like she is on a roll within the last year when it comes to her classic romance novels. She has recently been on the New York Times bestselling author list at #1 amidst all of these novels being released.

If Nora Roberts isn’t your style, you could go for a book by novelist Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Amanda Quick. She has been on the New York Times Best Author’s list at number 11 recently and her book ‘Til Death Do Us Part is currently attracting readers to her pseudonym. Some other books she has written include Illusion Town under the pseudonym Jayne Castle, which has also ended up on the New York Times Bestseller’s list.

Depending on what taste you have when it comes to romance novels, these two authors are guaranteed to produce page turners when it comes to their novels. Nora Roberts would be my first choice, only because you can’t beat someone who has had so many successful novels. But if that doesn’t fit my taste, I will definitely be checking out a book by Amanda Quick to satisfy my romance novel tastes!

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