Decorating your house is always an exciting and fun project, especially when you get to replace all the furniture. There are many styles to choose from with furniture, and when you’re giving your home a makeover it’s hard to choose which style to go with. One style people like for interior design is European style furniture. Furniture can be something we take for granted, but makes a statement and the different pieces have a story.

European furniture was designed to be the classical Greek and Roman styles back in the nineteenth century. It was also traditionally designed with a kind of rustic feel to it and in styles that were suited for royalty. The furniture from Italy was always styled heavily from its heritage of the Renaissance and influenced other furniture designs around the world. Germany is still one of the largest furniture manufacturers worldwide and it’s because of their contemporary designs, notably the 20th century. Before the 20th century furniture was more of ornaments for the home rather than to serve a function. Recently it has shifted more to functionality.

The modernist movement focused on technical innovation and originality while letting go of the past. New methods of manufacturing were learned and new materials were used to make furniture. Scandinavia had a huge influence on the design of furniture and its style in the 1930s. Focusing more on clean, simple, and lightweight designs was the new trends.  Today European furniture is mostly modern and contemporary, with a sleek, clean, usable style. Some European furniture has been made popular by IKEA.

The European trend these days is mainly based on the contemporary style of furniture, but you can still find some elaborate, gaudy, hand carved furniture if that’s your taste. There are a variety of vendors that sell European furniture, one company, danetti has a great selection on their website of various pieces that would look great in anyone’s home. The look of the furniture is that of a slightly casual, comfortable feel. The classical elements that define European furniture are still there, just less embellished. But you can still find modernized furniture with antique finishes, perfect wood grain, and timeless fabric on some European pieces.

Most European furniture is imported, but there are a select few who do the importing themselves so the hard part is done and you can buy in US. The furniture that is imported is personally selected to be sent over here. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find high quality products at reasonable prices. The more experience the seller has, the better deals they’re able to get when choosing pieces to import, giving you the better deal when you purchase it. Sellers can sometimes stay ahead of exchange rates, which gives them more product for their money. Also, because it’s shipped directly, the price will be lower so the customer gets a better value.

If you are looking for a new style to spice up your home, European furniture can give it that appearance. The modern classic pieces, the contemporary style, and the sleek and clean look of the furniture can bring someone’s home into the 21st century. High quality craftsmanship brings uniqueness with the furniture, and means it won’t wear easily.